Monday, August 16, 2010

Universal Studio's Mythos Restaurant

We took a break from Disney madness to catch up on the Universal Studios' madness a few miles away. We chose Islands of Adventure for our first day, the park filled more with roller coasters and excitement rides, as well as the (then-future) Harry Potter World, Marvel Comic World, and Jurassic Park World.
Instead of trying to find something fast to eat, my family chose to dine at Mythos, the full-service restaurant in "The Lost Continent". It's actually rated the World's #1 Theme Park restaurant, a surprising fact considering that Disney is usually thought to be the white glove.
The restaurant is actually located inside that big rock. I guess that's Zeus' face carved outside? We sat in that little gazebo-esque structure on the left. There were great views of park from that height, and a lovely sunset on the man-made lake in the center of the attractions. The inside of the restaurant is also beautiful, seemingly carved out of the stone, with intricate rock and water formations and light patterns made by all of the hidden windows.

When we were seated, we informed our server of the gluten situation, and were immediately greeted by the chef, who went through the entire menu with us and detailed our choices.
To start, we had cream of mushroom soup, made with a gluten free full-cream base. Honestly, it was a little thin, and the chunks of mushroom left something to be desired, but it was warm and filling.

For a main course, guess what is actually gluten free? Pad thai! It was a big portion of sticky rice noodles in peanut sauce, with my favorite Asian vegetable, bean sprouts, and thick shrimp.
It was surprising to find this dish as gluten free, because usually rice noodles served in restaurants aren't completely rice based.
Other GF options included salmon, chicken, and risotto. There weren't a ton of choices, but certainly enough to satisfy.
Enjoy Mythos at Universal. Stop over here after you inevitably spend the day at Hogwarts, then go grab a butterbeer in Hogsmeade for dessert.

my brother and I on the Hulk coaster. our 6th trip!

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