Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gluten Free Mascarpone & Sweet Cream Cheesecake

Hi all,
I've received a few requests for this recipe, which I adapted from one I saw on epicurious a few months back. I LOVE this cheesecake and always have people ask me how I make it. It's a little bit ingredient intensive and does require some patience in terms of cooling and etc, but it's really not difficult to make. It doesn't even need a crust (although if you want to add one, by all means, I'm sure a buttery gf graham cracker crust would be delicious with this one!)

cheesecake in its primitive form.

(this recipe makes 2 thin, 9 inch cheesecakes.)
Ingredients for Layer One:
-16 oz. (2-3 packages) cream cheese, softened
-8 oz. mascarpone cheese
-3 large eggs
-about 1 cup sugar
-splash of vanilla
-splash of lemon juice

Ingredients for Layer Two:
-16 oz. sour cream (Daisy brand is gf)
-about 3/4 cup sugar
-splash of vanilla
-splash of lemon juice

1. Beat softened cream cheese, mascarpone, and sugar in a large bowl until well mixed. I hate using an electric mixer, but you really can't do it by hand and get the right consistency for a smooth cheesecake without one.
cheesecake goo.

2. Add in the eggs one at a time and be careful not to splash runny egg yolk cheesecake goo all over the kitchen like someone that perhaps I know.
3. Dash in the lemon juice and vanilla. I never measure so just eyeball it.
4. Pour the mixture into a lightly buttered pie dish, and bake for about a half hour on 350 until the edges are springy. You'll know when. Let the pies cool and prepare the second layer.
What the pies will look like, mostly cooled down.
What I did during the time I had to be patient: photobooth, of course!

5. Beat the sour cream, sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice together. This takes all of 30 seconds. When the pies are cooled, spread this layer on top of each.
The second layer spread on top, pre-final baking.

6. Bake again for about 15-20 minutes until they're well set, aren't too mushy, and the edges are golden brown. The two layers should bake together until you can't tell they were ever separate.
7. Refrigerate until you want to serve, and prepare to be lauded for your baking genius.

The final version.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving :)

(the card says..."If you asked a turkey what it thought about Thanksgiving, know what it would say? Probably something fowl!")

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gluten-free musings said...

omg, i just ran out and bought some mascarpone to add this to me my menu tomorrow, looks delicious!