Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bonefish Grill, Orlando

After a long day of hitting the parks, we opted for a Walt-less dinner our first evening in Orlando.
We chose Bonefish Grill, a smaller, mid-priced restaurant that I had read about online.

Usually dining at chain restaurants is a painful experience for Celiacs. However, Bonefish was nothing like your typical Applebees or Fridays.
The atmosphere alone was instantly relaxing, and the decor was elegant and tasteful.
The server knew immediately about gluten, and brought over a copy of the gluten free menu for our perusal.
There was a lot available on the regular menu that was already gluten free, including many seafood dishes and steaks. Even dessert!

In a nice touch, they also listed their gluten-free specialty drinks. Every martini on the menu is safe for the beer-less!

I chose the scallop and shrimp dish, with sides of mixed vegetable succotash and mashed potatoes. The seafood was fresh and delicious, nicely complemented with a mango salsa sauce on the side. This was one of several gluten-free side sauces available for the seafood dishes. It's great to have options!

My mother ordered the Chilean Sea bass, which she reported back as lovely.

Overall, Bonefish Grill gets a solid A for the ease in ordering (feelings of normality!), beautiful atmosphere, and fresh, real food.

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Elizabeth said...

Fantastic post! This summer my family is traveling to Myrtle Beach, and there are quite a few Bonefish grills in the area. It's great to know they are gluten free friendly and knowledgeable! =)